Write for Mississippi

“Why My Students Don’t Call Themselves ‘Southern’ Writers,” Lit Hub (March 2019)

“More than Mardi Gras: An Insider’s Guide to New Orleans,” Airbnb Magazine (February 2019)

“How Our Grandmothers Disappeared into History,” Zócalo Public Square (June 2018)

“Horse Experience: Notes on Recovery from the Louisiana Floods,” Catapult (August 2017)

Arts: Conservation on Canvas, Garden & Gun (June/July 2017)

“Half-Drawn Hispaniola,” South Writ Large (August 2016)

Homeplace: Crescent City Charmer, Garden & Gun (June/July 2016)

America’s Best Diners: Mississippi, Extra Crispy (June 2016)

“The Occasional Ardent Hug,” Lenny Letter (May 2016)

“On House Bill 1523,” Lit Hub (April 2016)

Statement of Mississippi Writers Opposing HB 1523, Jackson Free Press

Five Things Right Now, Granta (April 2016)

“Who Can Fictionalize Slavery?” Lit Hub (March 2016)

“Cat,” excerpt from Free Men, Granta (January 2016)

“Motherhood, Writerhood, and Calling a Job a Job,” Lit Hub (November 2015)

“On Being a Writer from Jackson,” Oxford American (June 2015)

tumblr  Questions I’ve Asked My Brother

“How to Come Home Again,” TEDxJackson Talk

Modern Chat with the Mississippi Museum of Art, Part One and Part Two

Historical Fiction Panel at the Mississippi Book Festival (with Howard Bahr, Steve Yates, Jeffrey Stayton, and Matthew Guinn)

Panel at the Rancho Mirage Writers Festival (with Nathan Filer and Jonathan Gottschall)

Reading and Discussion at the Center for Fiction (with Anita Shreve)

Podcast, HarperAudio Presents

Book Trailer for The Story of Land and Sea

Book Trailer for Eine Geschichte von Land und Meer

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